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Heavily influenced by an ever changing and stunningly chaotic world, Alexandra’s contemporary style of abstracts takes many forms. From figurative to landscape, and the dreams in between, she uses multiple forms of media in each piece. Paintings and sculpture are imbued with bold strokes either in acrylic or oil.  Many times, she utilizes vibrant inks or metallic powders to push the narrative the everyday. Each work of her art is like an adventurous dream or intense event that draws the viewer closer as if to capture breath, holding it close, waiting for exhalation.


A constant follower of knowledge Alexandra earned multiple degrees including graphic, design, BFA in Fine Art, @ BU, a MAT in Art Therapy @ Gibbs Boston. She has won numerous honors for her unique style and is an advocate for artists. As coordinator for the South Carolina Artists group she mentors artists with marketing techniques and professional exhibition processes. She also donates time as arts coordinator with the Rosewood Art & Music Festival.

Through studies she fell in love with an intuitive or process technique of creating. Her paintings, organic collages and assemblage pieces are forms of expression. Critics note her work as transcendence beyond traditional artistic styles.  Her work is collected and on permanent exhibit throughout these United States & Europe.


My brush captures what the human eye leaves behind, as a chronicler of the human condition from symbolic landscapes of arboreal dreams to non-objective abstracts each piece of my art is personal. –Alexandra

21st Century Trancendant Visual Artist